Meet Avery Colburn, the mastermind behind one of our most popular products, the Door E-Cubby. With a lifelong passion for flying inherited from his balloon pilot parents, Avery’s journey into the skies led him to discover the versatile world of paramotors. In 2020, he made the switch, trading in his supercharged Civic for a 2008 Element that could seamlessly accommodate his airborne adventures.

A full-time electronics installer for both automobiles and mobile homes, Avery specializes in a spectrum of enhancements. From car alarms to cutting-edge sound systems, remote starts, and power systems, including solar installations, Avery’s expertise extends across the automotive and mobile living landscapes.

Drawing on a decade of experience in 3D printing and fueled by a desire to unlock the full potential of his Element, Avery embarked on a mission. Leveraging his skills in car electronics installation, he began tinkering and crafting upgrades and modifications for his beloved E.

Avery’s ingenuity extends beyond the Door E-Cubby. He has designed and built a repertoire of custom lighting features for the Element, showcasing his commitment to enhancing every aspect of the driving experience. From transforming fog light switches to turning side markers into turn signals, creating a service light for under the hood, to adding puddle lights – Avery’s contributions elevate the Element’s functionality and aesthetics.

His dedication to innovation and meticulous craftsmanship is evident in each product he develops. Avery Colburn continues to push boundaries, offering Element DIY Designs a valuable partnership that brings cutting-edge enhancements to the Honda Element community. As he soars in the skies and navigates the roads, Avery’s passion for creating seamless and personalized driving experiences shines through in every upgrade and modification he brings to life.