5th Element Stones – Tire Valve Stems

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Elevate Your Wheels with 5th Element-Inspired Valve Stem Caps

Introducing our captivating Valve Stem Caps, inspired by the stones from the 5th Element movie. These 3D-printed caps, crafted with intricate designs, bring otherworldly charm tailored for the Element community.

Exclusive Collaboration: ElementDIY & 3DWorkhouse

We're thrilled to collaborate with 3DWorkhouse to bring these exceptional pieces to the Element community. Our mission is to provide Honda Element enthusiasts with unique accessories that perfectly complement their beloved vehicles.

Effortless Installation and Unique Design

Designed to fit most standard valve stems, these caps easily install by securely screwing them in place. The captivating design captures the essence of the mystical stones, adding a unique element to your Honda Element's wheels.




These valve stem caps aren't limited to Honda Element owners alone; they can enhance the aesthetics of any vehicle. Whether you drive a Honda Element or any other make or model, these stone caps will add a unique and symbolic accessory to your ride.

Perfect Gift for Movie Fans and Auto Enthusiasts

Beyond personalizing your vehicle, these valve stem caps make exceptional gifts for fans of the 5th Element movie or anyone seeking a distinctive embellishment. Embrace the connection to the epic tale and let the stones infuse your journey with a touch of magic.

Complete Transformation in Sets of 4 or 5

Sold in a set of 4 or 5, these valve stem caps offer a complete transformation for your Honda Element or any other vehicle. Due to the nature of 3D printing, minor variations in color and finish may occur, ensuring each cap possesses its own distinct character.

Preserve and Protect

To preserve their impeccable appearance, remove these caps before entering a car wash or power washing session, safeguarding their longevity.

Elevate Your Ride with 5th Element Energy

Unleash the extraordinary energy of the 5th Element stones on your Honda Element's wheels and elevate your automotive journey. Upgrade your Honda Element today with these captivating valve stem caps, brought to you by ElementDIY in collaboration with 3DWorkhouse, and embrace the allure they bring to your ride!
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