Let’s talk a little about pricing ok?

ElementDIY Exclusives

As fellow Element enthusiasts and consumers, we know how crucial it is to make every dollar count when caring for our cherished Toasters.

We acknowledge that the price of some of our products may not fit every budget. Highly specialized and unique pieces come with a price tag. There is no getting around that. We do truly value the investment and trust that you put into us. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we’d like to break down the cost associated with one of our higher-priced items.

Motorized Rear Window Openers (all years)

We’ve invested approximately 160 hours in research, testing, overcoming failed prototypes, and acquiring specialized, non-returnable components since May 2023. We’ve also made significant investments in new equipment and tools to ensure top-tier craftsmanship. Bringing this product to you involves the consultation of paid outside experts, the creation of instructional videos and  diagrams, and various operational expenses to keep the shop and website running.

Each unit consists of components that cost approximately $200. We choose not to compromise on quality by opting for cheaper alternatives. The printing of our brackets are outsourced to. Nothing fly-by-night here. In addition to sourcing top-notch materials and producers, each unit undergoes meticulous assembly, soldering, programming, and thorough quality checks, taking multiple hours per unit.

Moreover, we stand by our commitment to providing exceptional service. We offer customer support and a warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.

We understand that some may find the price point challenging, but after thorough analysis and extensive discussions, we are confident that our pricing reflects the value we bring to the community.

Thank you for being part of our community and for appreciating the effort and passion that goes into every ElementDIY product.

Used Parts

If I don’t have something, I won’t string you along, I’ll send you to someone else who might have it. If you still can’t find it, I’ll keep looking for you. If shipping is too much, I’m know to do deliveries for some gas money (and a home-cooked meal). If you have questions about an install and I don’t already have a video on our tutorials page, I’ll make you a video. I’m here to help you get your job done, regardless of your skill level. I try to balance my passion for helping people and the need to keep the lights on.

Of course there will be times when someone can get you the part for less than I can. That’s wonderful!! This was often the case when I was parting out my first car; Magic Mike. If there was a part I didn’t need, my attitude was “make me an offer.” That worked when I was selling a handful of random parts. Today my goal is to constantly have high quality pieces in stock and ready to ship when you need them. This requires that I have a large inventory; one that I maintain by sometimes traveling for days at a time, crossing multiple state boarders (in addition to a website, shipping subscriptions, sale taxes, and the like).

When deciding how much to charge to a piece, I look at a few factors. How much does it cost new? What’s it going for used on other sites? Is the part it in high demand? Is it discontinued? How much did I pay for it? How far did I have to drive to get it? How long did it take to remove and/or upgrade? etc.