Element DIY tutorials

The newest mod available from the ElementDIY family come from Avery Colburn. Follow along with his step-by-step tutorial on the process. Some procedures and hardware has been undated since the video. Please read the full written instructions for all the updates

Warning!!! This install is not for everyone.

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One of our most exciting new products of the year, this pre-cut kit will jump start your interior. You don’t have to be an expert to get professional results. Available here.

Are you a DIY’er? Wanna cut your own? The pattern is available to download for free also.

This video comes from Clint Searcy. There’s a lot to learn on his youtube channel.

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Are you looking to upgrade your LX by added keyless entry or just sick and tired of fobs that don’t work?  I’ve got you covered.  These kits come with a receiver (control unit) and one (1) or two (2) preprogrammed fobs so you don’t have to go through the guess work of figuring out the programing on your own and take it to an expensive shop to have it done.

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Looking for a simple mod with a big punch? Then this is for you.

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Open up a word of possibilties with the exciting new line. Wether you want to let you fur baby experience the thrill of the road of you’re looking for more airflow while camping, this is a must have mod.

One of our first E-lumination mods, these vibrant LED illuminations seamlessly fit into your OEM center cup holders. Installation is rated at 2/5 difficulty and typically takes about 45 minutes. Required tools include a trim pull tool and a 10mm socket. With our comprehensive video tutorial and easy step-by-step instructions, you’ll have your cup holders glowing in no time. Illuminate your ride with style and practicality – order yours today!

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Our new swift-fit install style cuts insulation back to 30 minutes. Enjoy a fresh look on your 2003 to 2006 Honda Element. Our quick installation procedure guarantees you’ll spend more time enjoying your whip than working on it. Order online

Although this mod is a game-changer, we designed it so the installation requires no hardware. We clearly wanted to showcase a design-forward product, however equally important was that it be easy for the end user to install—no need to get all dirty or stressed out. Our new line of grille toppers has been crafted for hassle-free fitting. While some grille upgrades require tedious cutting and messy adhesives the Element DIY grille topper was kept simple. Rather than using tricky hardware, it seamlessly integrates into your existing grille. Due to its precision cutting, it locks right in place. Unlike other installs, you can have this done in less than an hour. Order online.

Welcome back to the carport! In this instructional video, we guide you through the process of wiring LED add-ons for your vehicle’s parking lights.