Intermittent Wipers Upgrade - Honda Element (All Years)

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Upgrade your Honda Element's windshield wiper controls for improved visibility and control, regardless of your vehicle's model year. Our specially designed Honda Element wiper control upgrade kit seamlessly integrates with all Element models, catering to the needs of every Element enthusiast.

Experience the convenience of delayed wipers, elevating your driving experience. Our user-friendly kit comes with everything you need, complemented by step-by-step video instructions for a straightforward installation. The wiring harnesses, crafted in a professional auto electrical shop, ensure a secure connection with double insulation for enhanced safety.

Say goodbye to outdated controls and hello to improved functionality. Swap your old control unit with our top-tier upgrade, performing a simple two-wire connection guided by easy-to-follow instructions. This hassle-free process is designed to elevate your Element driving experience.

Watch and learn: We encourage you to watch the full tutorial on our Installation Hub before your purchase. We cannot accept returns based on a perceived difficulty of installation.

Regardless of your Element's model year, our upgrade kit seamlessly integrates into all Honda Elements. Trust that it will harmonize with your vehicle's system, delivering the enhanced wiper control you crave.

Take pride in your Element and distinguish yourself among enthusiasts. Upgrade your Honda Element today, enjoying the benefits of delayed wipers for improved visibility in diverse weather conditions. Place your order now and witness the transformative impact our Honda Element wiper upgrade kit can have on your driving experience, no matter your Element's year of manufacture.

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