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Vibrant Colors and Patterns to Match Your Style

\nChoose from an array of striking colors, including Red, Blue, Black, Orange, and Burgundy. Elevate your customization further with options in both matte and carbon fiber patterns.

Easy Installation

Eliminate installation guesswork by entrusting us to affix your new badge seamlessly. For a nominal fee, we'll expertly cut and apply 3MVHB tape (top-tier quality!) using 3M Tape Primer 49 (the epitome of excellence!).

Unique Two-Toned Designs and Upgraded Material Option

While still available in our original striking colors, we now offer innovative two-toned versions. Featuring a thin top layer and a contrasting color underneath, these emblems add a layer of sophistication to your Honda Element.

Diverse Applications Beyond Your Honda Element Grille

  1. Rear Hatch: Give your Honda Element a modern flashpoint by attaching our large emblems to the rear hatch. With their flexible 1.5mm acrylic, these emblems seamlessly contour to the hatch's curves, adding flair to the vehicle's rear profile.
  2. Wind Deflectors: Enhance your Honda Element's roof rack with our custom-cut large emblems. Simply affix them securely to the deflector surface for a personalized and eye-catching touch.
  3. Versatile Home Decor: Beyond the road, these large emblems make for sleek and eye-catching home decor. Add a touch of automotive flair to your living room, garage, or office.
  4. Grille: If you're looking to put our large emblem on our front grill, You should check out our line of Fusion Grille Shields

Superior Acrylic Quality for Lasting Impressions

Each emblem is meticulously crafted from high-strength 1.5mm acrylic, ensuring exceptional durability. This material is not only half the weight and 17 times stronger than glass but also offers superior weather and UV resistance, maintaining vibrant colors over time.

Upgrade Your Honda Element's Style

Personalize your vehicle with our custom-cut large emblems, designed to stand out on the road. The flexible 1.5mm acrylic ensures a perfect fit, contouring to your car's curves. Whether for a grille transformation or home decor, these emblems are a stylish choice for Honda Element owners seeking individuality.

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