Center Dash Vinyl Wrap Kit

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Unveiling Our Exclusive Vinyl Wrap Kits: Elevate Your Honda Element's Interior

What's Included:Layout

  1. Climate Controls Wrap
  2. Shift Lever Garnish Assembly Wrap

    • Distinct for Automatics and Manuals
  3. Escutcheon Wrap

    • Not necessary for manual transmissions
Our commitment to quality shines through as we exclusively utilize the VVIVID® XPO Carbon Fiber Wrap Vinyl Roll, featuring advanced Air Release Technology. This ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish with ease. This product is rated for 7 years of exterior use, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Installation Tips:

  • For newcomers to vinyl wrapping, therefore we recommend familiarizing yourself with proper techniques or consulting a professional for installation.
  • Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for any pieces that may be damaged during the installation process.
Watch and Learn: We highly encourage you to watch the full tutorial video before making your purchase.

Precise Cutouts for Easy Installation:

Your cutouts will arrive on a piece of vinyl approximately 11" x 11", precut on the wax paper backing. The excess (or waste) vinyl can be easily removed by the end user.

Vibrant Color Options to Suit Your Style:

Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors, including: Color
  • Black
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Lime Green
  • Dark Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Electric Blue
  • Orange

Mix and Match Colors:

Must kits are sold as a single but we do offer some two-tone kits. If you don't see the color combo you want, select "Personalized" and then respond to your order confirmation email with the color combo you'd like, using the numbers in the reference image to clarify.

DIY Friendly:

We offer the file so you can cut your own at home for FREE. Visit Vinyl Cutouts Center Stack – Free Download to download the file.

Watch and Learn: We highly encourage you to watch the full tutorial video on our installation hub before making your purchase.

Elevate Your Honda Element's Interior Aesthetics:

Transform your driving experience with ElementDIY Designs. Experience the fusion of form and function like never before!

Return Policy Notice:

At ElementDIY Designs, we uphold a no-return policy based on the perception of installation difficulty. We encourage all customers to carefully review the installation process and, if necessary, seek professional assistance before making a purchase.
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