Discounted • Boss Badge Grille LED's • 2003-2006

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Boss Badge Color
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  • Boss Badge
  • Stainless Steel/Black Backing
  • Select you own Boss Badge Color
  • Two amber LED's
  • Modular Mount

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Boss Badge Grille Upgrade: Enhance Your Element's Esthetic

Building on the success of our popular Boss Badge Line, we're introducing the Boss Badge Grille Upgrade. A unique enhancement for your Honda Element's front-end, this upgrade will be a must have this summer. Our exciting upgrade involves modifying the original grille mesh (2003-2006) to fit a custom-cut acrylic Base Mesh for the Boss Badge Grille Kit.By adding this custom cut mesh you'll be unlocking no less than 140 possible color combination for your new custom grille.
The Base Mesh comes in vibrant color options - blood red, EMT red, police blue, and orange - with matte or carbon fiber finishes, serving as the foundational "Element." Then we affix the Boss Badge to the base mesh using 3MVHB tape (known for quality), alongside 3M Tape Primer 49 (for added adhesion) and 🤜💥🤛! Boss Badge Magic!
Compatible with 2003-2006 Honda Element models, the Grille Upgrade · Boss Badge lets you personalize your vehicle's look, making a bold statement at the next meet.
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Discounted • Boss Badge Grille LED's • 2003-2006

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