Grille Upgrade · Spirograph · 2003-2006

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Key Features:

Premium Material

In our quest for unique materials, we discovered this super-strong yet flexible 1/16-inch two-tone acrylic. Striking the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, it is designed to withstand various road conditions. Notably, the flexibility allows the grille topper to perfectly contour the OEM grill, while the material's toughness ensures resilience against the elements.

Clean Metallic Look

Meticulously crafted, the top layer of the acrylic replicates the sleek appearance of stainless steel. Choose from three stylish options – stainless steel/blue, stainless steel/red, and stainless steel/black – to match and showcase your Element's distinct personality. Furthermore, the variety of striking color options insure that they will seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's overall aesthetic.

Easy Installation

Although this mod is a game-changer, we designed it so the installation is simple. We clearly wanted to showcase a design forward product, however equally important was that it be easy for the end user to install. No need to get all dirty or stressed out. Our new line of grille toppers have been crafted for hassle-free fitting. While, some grille upgrades require tedious cutting and messy adhesives the Element DIY grille topper was kept simple. Rather than using tricky hardware, it seamlessly integrates into your existing grill. Due to it's precision cutting, it locks right in place. Unlike other installs, you can have this done in less than an hour.

Required Tools

Explore Installation with our Comprehensive Video Guide

To ensure a smooth installation process, we strongly recommend watching our full video guide. Familiarizing yourself with the steps will empower you to confidently enhance your Honda Element's style with our Grille Topper. Please note that Element DIY Designs cannot accept returns based on perceived installation difficulty.

Potential Existing Grille Issues

It's essential to be aware that this installation may uncover pre-existing issues with your current grille, such as broken tabs and anchors. Element DIY cannot be held responsible for these pre-existing conditions. Prioritize a hassle-free upgrade by thoroughly reviewing our video guide and understanding the potential challenges associated with your specific vehicle.


\nEnhance your Honda Element's appearance with a touch of modern elegance. Choose the Element DIY Designs Grille Topper for a stylish, personalized upgrade without the need for extensive modifications. Order yours today and let your Honda Element stand out on the road with Element DIY Designs!

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