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Enhance Your Honda Element's Aesthetics with Premium License Plate Frames

Crafted from high-quality acrylic, the same material trusted in our popular Large Badge Emblems (measuring 18" x 2.75"), our license plate frames offer durability and visual appeal. This innovative material, perfected by an industry leader with a global presence in 170 countries, features a reflective top coat for added elegance and sophistication. Underneath, bold red, blue, and black colors create a striking contrast, complementing your Element's unique body style.


Whimsical Designs for Your Unique Style

Inject whimsy into your ride with our captivating license plate frames. Whether you prefer the "Screw Aerodynamics," "In My Element," or "Not Just a Phase" design, your vehicle will exude a playful charm, turning heads wherever your adventures take you.

Driven by Passion, Crafted with Care

At Element DIY Designs, we're fueled by a passion for creating products that blend style, quality, and adventure. Inspired by exploration and the natural beauty of Pittsburgh, each license plate frame we produce aims to capture that essence.

Upgrade Your Element Today

Transform your Honda Element into a captivating masterpiece with our exclusive license plate frames. Let your whip reflect the spirit of adventure and the captivating energy of Pittsburgh.

Compliance and Visibility \While we've designed frames with a large opening for full license plate visibility, it's the driver's responsibility to ensure compliance with local regulations. Familiarize yourself with specific laws in your area to guarantee proper usage.

Legal Considerations: Know Before You Use

Warning: Some items on our site may not be street legal in all states. Buyers are responsible for complying with applicable state laws. Refrain from use if unsure.

Note: Enhance your Honda Element's style responsibly. Check local laws for proper usage.

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