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Welcome to Element DIY Designs: passion & craftsmanship for Honda Element enthusiasts!

Introducing our unique series of slate coasters, available in both 4" round and 4" square options, designed to showcase your love for the Honda Element in style. Legends Series: Unleash the adventurous spirit of your Honda Element with our Legends Series. These coasters feature whimsical depictions of your beloved Element entangled with campy villains and monsters from early horror movies and urban legends. Picture Bigfoot effortlessly carrying a Honda Element, a pair of Elements plunging into the deep sea gripped by giant tentacles, King Kong cradling an Element instead of his muse Jane, and a flying saucer hoisting three Elements in its tractor beam. The Legends Series is a playful blend of danger and excitement, adding a touch of thrill to your tabletop. Each set includes four captivating coasters. \n \n Quality Craftsmanship: Our coasters are crafted with precision and care, ensuring a wet look finish that enhances the visual appeal. To protect your furniture, each coaster is equipped with rubber feet on the bottom, combining style with functionality. These coasters aren't just accessories; they are conversation starters, perfect for gifting to fellow Honda Element enthusiasts or adding a touch of personality to your own space. \n \n

Product Care Instructions:

At Element DIY Designs, we want your coaster sets to maintain their pristine appearance for years to come. To ensure the longevity and luster of your coasters, please follow these simple care instructions: 1. Avoid Prolonged Water Soaking: The finish on the coasters may become cloudy if left soaking in water for extended periods. To prevent this, be cautious about leaving them submerged or exposed to excessive moisture for too long.2. Restoration Tip - Apply Heat: If you notice any cloudiness on the coasters' finish, don't worry – we've got a simple solution. To correct this issue, follow these steps:
  • Grab a heat gun or hairdryer and apply light heat until it clears.
  • or place in the oven at low for 4 - 6 minutes.
This gentle heating process helps to restore the clarity of the finish and brings back the original shine. Remember to keep the heat source at a low setting to prevent any damage to the coasters. \n \nElevate your Honda Element experience with Element DIY Designs – where creativity meets the road!
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