Snap-In Dash Hack · Air Bag Light Bracket

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Have you fallen victim to the fragile dash plastic in you 2007-2011 Honda Element? Not only is this common it can seem overwhelming to fix. Replacements are hard to find, expensive and just as brittle. I was there was a way to use the strong 2003-2006 Center Dash Assembly instead.

Up until now, they only way to do this was to remove the SRS light and hide t back behind the dash. Certainly, not ideal.

At Element DIY, we put our heads together to solve this problem and came up with a simple, attractive, and easy to install piece that does the trick. This snap-in bracket allows you to use the sturdier dash panels from the earlier years, without sacrificing functionality. With a simple modification, you can upgrade your dash and never have to worry about it breaking again.

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