Meet Billy The Kidd from Austin, TX, the creative force behind some of our unique Element accessories. Embracing the Texan spirit, Billy has owned his 2003 Element for over a year, racking up more than 200,000 miles as he navigates the expansive landscapes of his home state. His Element serves as a trusty companion, hauling everything he needs with its excellent storage space.

With over two years of expertise in 3D printing, Billy brings a wealth of experience to Element DIY Designs. His passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing is evident in both functional and non-functional prints. From practical accessories to intricate statues, Billy’s creations showcase the versatility of 3D printing.

A true design maverick, Billy’s focus extends beyond Element essentials. He specializes in crafting design-forward masks, reproducing movie props, and other unique pieces, all of which he proudly showcases on TikTok. His creations not only enhance the functionality of the Element but also add a touch of personality and style.

As Billy continues to push the limits of 3D printing, Element DIY Designs is privileged to collaborate with such a talented individual. His dedication to innovation and design-forward thinking brings a fresh perspective to the Honda Element community, making every drive an opportunity to showcase personalized and eye-catching accessories. Join us in celebrating Billy The Kidd’s creativity and passion for elevating the Element experience.