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Protecting Yourself from Online Scams: Red Flags and Tips

No matter the time of year, scammers are always hard at work. Therefore, we must be vigilant as well. Recently, I’ve had several people reaching out to me after falling victim to scams within our community. Here are some red flags to keep in mind: 1. Unrealistically Low Prices: 2. New or Suspicious Profiles: 3. […]

Troubleshooting Honda Element’s P2646 and P2647 Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a Honda Element comes with all kinds of wonderful things, but encountering the P2646 and/or P2647 codes sure isn’t one of them.  The resulting “limp mode” can ruin any drive. Tracking down the issue can be a daunting experience. Don’t fret; let’s dive deeper into understanding and troubleshooting this persistent issue. If you’re facing […]

Center Console LED Lights

This has been a super exciting time at Element DIY Designs. Not only am I honing in on all the proper setting with the laser and other equipment I have in house, I’ve been feeling a lot of love from the community. The cubby lines have had a warm reception online and I’m learning from each new piece of feedback.