Center Console LED Lights

This has been a super exciting time at Element DIY Designs. Not only am I honing in on all the proper setting with the laser and other equipment I have in house, I’ve been feeling a lot of love from the community. The cubby lines have had a warm reception online and I’m learning from each new piece of feedback.

While talking with some members of this wonderful community, someone suggested that I look for a way to make them light up and gave me some ideas on how to do that. While that is in the works for sure (Maybe July???) it will involve some serious modding to the car what I’m afraid not every one will be comfortable with. So I started thinking, where else could I use this idea…

Then it hit me like the shock of spilling a full drink in the car because your couldn’t find the cup holder in the dark. Those so often derided floor cup holders could use a facelift!!!

Pre-order on Etsy Now

I’ve listed a Pre-order form on Etsy to be delivered to Elements on the Dragon
This is PRE-ORDER for my new LED illumination disks for the cup holders. These WILL NOT BE SHIPPED AND MUST BE PICKED UP AND ELEMENTS ON THE DRAGON THE WEEKEND OF MAY 13, 2023 IN BRYSON CITY, NC. See more details at the end of the description.

Although, I’m only selling a limited number of pre-order right now, I plan to have them ready for general sale in early June.

These LED illumination disks fit snugly into your OEM center cup holders for your Honda Element. Bring a touch of modern to your ride and increase visibility when searching for them at night.

Each order comes with the center console, three illumination disks, and all the wiring and quick connectors you need to make instillation a 10 minute job.

These laser cut lighting disks comprise of a lower illuminating layer and a top layer with a carbon fiber pattern. The colors of both can be customized to maximize the style of your Element.

These game-changing lights, are produced in USA by a small business (super small).

They tap directly into your cars’ power source under the center console and turn on automatically when you start your car. There are no exposed wires, no on and off switch and no need to recharge them.

Once purchased you will receive a digital download certificate to be exchanged at the event for your product. Please also bring your receipt (an email is fine) and your ID. No refund for abandoned items.