Hey, I’m Matt! I’m a technically inclined maker and artist with roots in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and a passion for turning ideas into tangible wonders! I specialize in bringing ideas into the physical world through various digital manufacturing techniques, like 3D printing, CNCing, and laser cutting. My days are filled with dreaming up whimsical toys & objects that bring joy to both kids and adults alike, and then testing them out on unsuspecting friends and their kids (they love it). I’ve joined the Honda Element community recently and I’m already blown away by the endless creativity and DIY spirit that runs through it. From ingenious modifications to quirky additions, these beloved “toasters” are a testament to the community’s ingenuity. I’m excited to add my own contributions to the mix, marrying my playful & practical designs with the playful essence of these unique vehicles. Hopefully I add to the creative pool of inspiration in the process!