Jim & Milo

On our first, long distance, camping trip up in Washington State, Milo was hot and miserable from lack of airflow to the back of the E.  It was over 90 degrees and the A/C was not keeping up.  Hell hath no fury like a hot Alaskan Malamute who can’t get a cool breeze in his face in 90 degree heat.  It was a miserable trip with an incredibly vocal and displeased Malamute. 

So once home I set out to find a replacement for that third door window.  To my surprise there were no alternatives.  Being a dedicated dog owner and problem solver, I set out to design a window that would be super easy to pop out, super fast to re-install, and easy to use for increased airflow.  It needed to match the look as well as have a way to lock, and store away.

After some trial and error, I finalized the design of the window.  Each Dog E Window is hand crafted from 3/16 Polycarbonate.   I found it doesn’t really create much more wind noise, as I have tested it on i-90, over the Columbia River Bridge (on a windy day… is there any other? ), and down country roads.  Even with Milo sticking his giant head out, additional wind noise is minimal.  Most importantly Milo was super happy and having him ride along was fun again.  Now, even when camping, the increased airflow is 100% better on hot days.  

Each window is available in passenger side or driver’s side, or as a set.  They work with or without rain guards and on any Honda Element.  

After crafting each window for the client I place it on my Element to be 100% sure of fit and workmanship.  I include a storage bag, with every order.   Each window has 5, keyed, locks and extra keys, and pop rivets to pop back into the holes left behind from the window lever.  In addition, all windows come in Dark Smoke Tint to match the dark tint of the back window of the E.  

I have made install videos on You Tube as well.

*You can follow Milo and his MiloRider on Instagram @MiloandMcfly to see all his adventures with the Honda Dog E Window.